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The 12hr Candida Cure by Linda Allen Review:

This Candida Yeast Infection treatment program is basically a systematic guide which helps you learn the treatment for candida yeast infection in a natural yet effective way.
The guide was created by a woman patient of yeast infection namely Linda Allen. It is an amazing step by step guide based on several years of research on different articles, sites, medical books, journals, etc. Linda has consulted many well-known doctors all around the world for conducting research on the topic of yeast infection.
According to Linda, yeast infection can be stopped in just 12 hours and treated in 3 days. The treatment is based on some natural home remedies and some amazing therapies.
The guide is a 240 pages eBook with some additional and useful content on candida yeast infection treatment. See Linda Allen’s Cure Candida Yeast Infection Program Here!






The Pros:

The product offers you with so many great features. Here we have discussed some of the key pros of this product:

  • This product is considered as a permanent treatment of yeast infection. Research reveals that there is a high probability of re-occurrence of this infection after treatment. This is because of the wrong antibiotics prescribed by the doctors. The treatments and drugs like powders and sprays do not kill the bacteria properly which further make the natural balance of such bacteria worse. This guide helps you to properly balance the bacteria of your body while preventing the bad ones.

  • There are many positive testimonials and reviews about this product on social media sites, from people who have fully cleared their candida yeast infection.

  • Another great advantage offered by this guide is to inform you about such natural methods that do not only treat yeast infection but also helps to improve your overall health.

  • Linda offers you with complete lifetime customer support on buying this product.

  • Not only this, you are also provided with some additional useful guides along with the product which include Quick Stress Relief, Best Diet Secrets, Natural Relief for Yeast Infection and All Natural PMS Relief.

  • This program also focuses on future prevention of candida as well as it’s treatment. This done my making small changes to your diet to prevent eating the foods that feed candida, and implementing more foods into your diet that prevent the problem from the core.

  • Linda provides you with 60 days money back guarantee on this product. If you don’t feel this product was useful enough after purchase, then you can get your money back.



The Cons:

  • Well there is only one disadvantage about this product. Linda has claimed that this guidance will help you get rid of the yeast infection within just 3 days. But some of the yeast infection patients have got cured using this guidance after a week. So the time frame in getting full relief of yeast infection could vary from person to person, from 1 day to 10 days.



Why to Purchase Linda Allen’s Cure Candida Yeast Infection?

It is certainly a very powerful yet effective guide providing you with the best natural treatment. Linda allows you to access the solution to yeast infection online.
There are certainly many benefits to using this program, with only one down side being the time scale, which can sometimes take slightly longer than 3 days for some people to get fully treated in.
This guide is easy to understand. Moreover the treatment prescribed in the guide is quite natural and eradicates the use of pills, antibiotics and such other harmful medications. You will surely see the effective results of the yeast infection treatment before a week.
So, I would strongly recommend you to try this product for the 60 day period, and treat your candida yeast infection in a natural yet effective way and without any risk. You can access the program Here!




Uniqueness of Method: 4.8 / 5
Amount of Content: 5 / 5
Clarity: 5 / 5
Social Media Rating: 4.5 / 5



Disclaimer: Having candida overgrowth can be serious to your health, so it is advisable that you first ask your doctor before trying out any natural remedies or stopping any medication. Only after your doctors approval should you make changes.


Program Testimonials:

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Some Basic Remedies:

Candida yeast can cause an infection in a number of different parts of the body, and most of time these infections refuse to clear away completely or return at the drop of a hat.
However, it is always possible to treat these infections effectively with the help of a good yeast infection home remedy, that can take care of the root cause behind the frequent recurrences.
The home remedy for yeast infection consists of utilization of several easily available natural ingredients that do not have any known side effects common in all the conventional antifungal medications.


  • Probiotic Yogurt

    Yogurt is an extremely common probiotic component of the regular diet in many people, and can help in combating the overgrowth of the Candida yeast in the gastrointestinal tract. However, it can also be ideal for use as a yeast infection home remedy for such infections occurring in other parts of the body.
    Applying yogurt topically to the area of skin showing the symptoms of yeast infection such as itching and slightly raised lesions can help in relieving them. Moreover, applying it locally inside the vagina, or diluting it with water for use a douche can be effective in treating many of the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection.


  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is another popular home remedy for yeast infection. The most popular way of using it is to apply it topically to any area of the skin suffering from this infection.
    Moreover, mixing equal part of coconut oil with cinnamon oil is highly effective in treating the symptoms of yeast infections affecting the skin. In case of oral thrush, the practice is to swill it around in the mouth for a few minutes for the ingredients present in coconut oil to punch holes in the cell wall of the Candida yeast causing this condition.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar

    These are excellent choice as natural remedy for yeast infection. Drinking apple cider vinegar diluted with warm water can be an excellent way to get rid of yeast overgrowth in the gut.
    Moreover, adding it to the bath water and taking a dip in that mix is bound to relieve many of the symptoms present in cases of superficial yeast infections. Alternatively, it can be applied as a topical mix on the skin surface to alleviate many of the symptoms.


  • Boric Acid

    (External use only) Boric acid is a chemical substance with potent antifungal activity, and it can help in controlling the symptoms of yeast infection. This yeast infection home remedy is ideal for treating such infections of the skin in its diluted form in water.
    Moreover, women suffering from vaginal yeast infection can put them in gelatin capsules and insert one capsule inside their vagina on a weekly basis. However, it is not advisable for use on pregnant women.


  • Olive Leaf Extract

    Another excellent natural remedy for yeast infection, which can take care of such infections affecting the skin and help in restoring the good bacteria.


  • Garlic

    The active antifungal components present in garlic makes it an ideal candidate for use as a home remedy of yeast infection of any type.


  • Cranberry Juice

    Drinking the juice of Cranberries is especially good if your looking to treat yeast infection on the vagina or urinary tract. Cranberries are very acidic, and drinking cranberry juice can help keep the skin more acidic, and hence prevent the overgrowth of candida.
    Cranberry juice also has antibacterial properties that help to relieve other bacterial infections, as well as candida in the body. A glass of fresh cranberry juice (unsweetened) should be consumed everyday. Sugar sweetened varieties should be avoided, as candida cells really grow and thrive in sugar.


If you still experience symptoms of candida, even after trying natural remedies, then it is recommended that you consult your doctor at the earliest date possible.


Common Questions about Home Remedies:

The yeast infections are usually treated with prescriptions or over the counter medicines, however if you are looking for an alternative which has no side effects, then home remedies can also be used with positive results. Below are a few FAQ’s that will provide you basic information about home remedies to treat yeast infections:


Q #1: What is a home remedy?

A: Home remedy refers to the treatment used to cure a disease/ailment by employing certain common items available at home, or at your local grocery store. Some home remedies have been used for centuries as a part of traditional medicine systems.


Q #2: When a home remedy should be considered for yeast infection?

A: If you suspect that you have a yeast infection, and do not wish to consult a doctor or pharmacist, and want to treat the problem naturally, then you can consider home remedies as an alternative medicine.


Q #3: Why I should trust a home remedy?

A: When most of the people hear about home remedies they may not trust their effectiveness and feel it is best to consult the doctors. However, home remedies can be trusted as they have been used for centuries and several people have tried these to cure yeast infections with clear signs candida is going away.


Q #4: What are the advantages of using a home remedy to cure my yeast infection?

A: If you use a home remedy to cure the yeast infection the disease can be cured completely and it will not reoccur, whereas if you use pharmaceutical drugs the symptoms of the current infection will only be treated. The home remedies are less expensive when compared to medicines.


Q #5: What are the various home remedies that can be used in case of infections?

A: There are a number of home remedy for yeast infection available. Some include usage of: herbal douches, sugar reduction in diet, garlic cloves, eating live cultures of acidophilus and bifidus bacteria and applying a solution of apple cider vinegar and water.
There has been a rise in the number of people who use proven home remedies that are safe, economical and effective in curing the infection. Yeast infections can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, so you can use natural home remedies to treat the root cause of the infection and prevent its reoccurrence.


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