Killing Candida

Killing Candida

Fats, But the Healthy Ones!

People scrunch at the very thought of fats and oils but yes, if the need is to get rid of Candida then there are some good fats and oils which will definitely help in killing Candida.

The healthy fats help in the absorption of nutrients and regulate the hormones periodically enriching the source of energy in the body. This in turn fuels more energy for both physical as well as mental activities. It is better to consume olive oils which have monounsaturated fats which activates one’s immune system, and helps in parting with the high blood sugar integers. Higher blood sugar obviously culminates to greater yeast growth. When consuming higher fats, make sure they are not the saturated ones because those are not healthy for the heart. However, coconut oil, although saturated can be effective in killing Candida because of its anti-bacterial properties. So you can either consume a spoonful of the oil directly, or prepare foods using it or use it as a salad spread.

Killing Candida Honey


A study revealed the significant activity of four different Algerian honey’s for fighting Candida albicans and rhodotorula species. Undiluted with different concentrations were studied in vitro (70%, 50%, 30% and 10%). It was observed that for the Rhodotorula sp., there was a certain inhibition range but when it came to Candida albicans it showed resistance in all concentrations. The MIC indicated (70.09-93.48) % for Candida albicans and 4.90-99.70% in case of Rhodotorula sp. (see table below)

This study goes to show that although not at the same rate but honey does seem to have an inhibitory effect on the Candida species that is responsible for multiple infections. So it is highly advisable to include some raw honey into ones diet to fight off Candida yeast infections.


Say Yes to Seaweeds

If you are suffering from the several hazardous effects of Candida overgrowth and you want to find a simpler way to take them down, then start feeding on some healthy seaweed which has the properties to fight Candida efficiently. They are capable of removing the excessive and harmful toxins and metals via the digestive tract. Those with Candida infections suffer from hypothyroidism and being a source of iodine, seaweed helps to balance the thyroid levels and eliminate the chances of fatigue, skin issues, and weight gain and so on.


Yes, Veggies; No Candida!

Killing Candida VegetablesVegetables with low starch level and low sugar are beneficial in killing Candida. Rutabaga and onions have been found to work wonderful for this purpose. Rutabaga however may increase the effect of Candida in certain people so it is better to do a small test by consuming a little portion of the vegetables before continuing for the long run. Onions are helpful in eliminating excess fluid and therefore they also help in bloating conditions. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage help in killing Candida since they have sulfur and nitrogen compounds called isothiocyanates.

Besides these vegetables, fruits and certain spices act advantageous to eliminate Candida, like: ginger, cayenne pepper, cloves, ginger, garlic and cinnamon. Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and it helps in damaging the yeast effectively. Whereas ginger has shogaols and gingerols which are anti-inflammatory compounds and help ginger to kill some of those Candida yeasts. It also aids the liver in the Candida detoxing activity.



Killing Candida ProbioticApart from these, probiotics are being researched upon for successful prevention of Candida. One such research published in 2010 aimed to find the significance of probiotics in newborns with late onset of sepsis as well as neurological outcome. 249 candidates were divided in three groups out of which one was (83 subjects) supplemented with Lac. reuteri, another (83 subjects) with Lac. rhamnosus and another 83 subjects without any supplementation. It was observed that Candida colony were more evident in stool samples of the control subjects than that of in the ones with supplementation.

This case goes to show that probiotics can be a great supplement in people for fighting off Candida. With the right medication and the right choice of food, warding off Candida can be a simple task at hand without having to suffer from infections and even inhibit extra growth of Candida in case of a pre-existing infection.



Points to Remember Whilst Killing Candida Overgrowth in the Body:

  • Avoid convenient foods, white sugar, dairy products, soy and grains.

  • Try to include organic eggs and meat protein and the healthy fats. Include chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, and legumes in your diet. Incorporate high quality protein free from hormone in your diet.

  • Use healthy oils like: coconut oil, ghee, olive oil. Say no to vegetable oils whilst killing Candida from the body. Besides cooking in coconut oil, you can consume it every day as well as it will help in killing Candida.

  • Help the flush-out toxins from your body to help in killing Candida. Drink healthy and filtered water every day. For detoxing, mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with water and consume. Other kinds of vinegars should not be consumed as they help Candida grow in multitudes.

Foods To Eat By Category


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